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Cover Girl (1944) Technicolor / Adventure In Iraq.

Cover Girl stars Rita Hayworth, supported by Gene Kelly and Phil Silvers in Cover Girl, Kelly has some spectacular dance routines with and without Miss Hayworth, although Miss Hayworth could certainly dance, she looks fabulous in every scene she is in.

Producer Phil Binstead
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Sam West - - October 27, 2014
Subject: Classic Show
Great showcase for Jerome Kern's songs. This was made when movie musicals were really great. Plays best for me with the flashdrive option. Takes some buffering at first, but then it plays all the way through on my HP XP.
Reviewer: huzzah - - November 5, 2013
Subject: ProblemSolved
If you like dance on the silver screen Kelly and Hayworth belong in your library. For converting .flv files get thee to It's free and it works for flv (among others).
Reviewer: millerman - - November 4, 2013
Subject: Tonight And Every Night
For Carer2 I've reuploaded Tonight And Every Night with Forever Amber I hope you enjoy them.
Reviewer: carer2 - - October 20, 2013
Subject: One little problem
L love your uploads and have enjoyed them greatly. The only problem I have had is with the Tonight and every night file which is in flv. I have downloaded it but can't get it to play. I have tried severa
l players and also tried to convert it without success.